Our vision is to produce traditional Cypriot smoked meats under the highest standards for those who seek quality, authenticity and taste We want our customers to keep coming back for more; and they do. Whether you want to try our products as part of small dishes called ‘mezedes’ – a Cypriot Tavern tradition – or as part of a sandwich or breakfast, our delicious meat products, with no added preservatives, will keep you wanting more.
Our Hiromeri and Lountza are made the traditional way giving the products the mark of tradition (registered as Protected Designation of Origin) thus protecting it from others that claim the same authenticity and originality. Our products are manufactured in a geographical region at the area of Pitsilia; at 1,175 meters above sea level.
Madari Smoked Meat Products are always manufactured with:
Fresh pork meat
Red Dry Wine from local vineyards of the area. The wine is made from the local variety ‘Mavro’ or ‘Negrette’ Natural Salt from our beautiful Mediterranean Sea
Herbs and spices freshly grinded just before use
Dry bushes and wood from the area (used for smoking the meats)

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Number of Employees 1-50

Madari Traditional Smoked Meats Limassol

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9 Viotexniki, Kyperounta , Limassol 4876, Cyprus


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